Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn: How to Make It Work

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Are you looking for a new way to reach your target audience and increase your brand's visibility? Look no further than LinkedIn. With over 700 million users, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking platform. And with the rise of influencer marketing, it's the perfect place to connect with industry leaders and thought influencers. In this article, we'll discuss how to make influencer marketing work on LinkedIn and drive results for your business.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for influencer marketing because it's where professionals go to network and learn from each other. It's a natural fit for thought leaders to share their expertise and build their personal brands.

Neal Schaffer

Social Media Strategist

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that involves partnering with individuals who have a large following on social media. These individuals, known as influencers, have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. By partnering with influencers, brands can reach a wider audience and build trust with potential customers.

Why Use Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for influencer marketing because it's a professional networking site. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is focused on business and career development. This means that users are more likely to be interested in industry news and thought leadership content. By partnering with influencers on LinkedIn, brands can tap into this audience and build credibility within their industry.

How to Find Influencers on LinkedIn

Finding influencers on LinkedIn is easier than you might think. Start by searching for keywords related to your industry or niche. Look for individuals who have a large following and regularly post content related to your industry. You can also use LinkedIn's "People Also Viewed" feature to find similar profiles.

Once you've identified potential influencers, take the time to research their content and engagement rates. Look for individuals who have a high engagement rate and a loyal following. These individuals are more likely to have a positive impact on your brand's visibility and reputation.

How to Partner with Influencers on LinkedIn

Once you've identified potential influencers, it's time to reach out and start building a relationship. Start by following their profile and engaging with their content. Leave thoughtful comments and share their posts with your own network. This will help you build a relationship with the influencer and show them that you're interested in their work.

When you're ready to reach out, send a personalized message introducing yourself and your brand. Be clear about your goals and what you hope to achieve through the partnership. Offer to collaborate on content or share each other's posts with your respective networks.

How to Measure the Success of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Measuring the success of your influencer marketing campaign is essential to understanding its impact on your business. Start by setting clear goals and KPIs for your campaign. This could include metrics like engagement rates, website traffic, or sales.

Track your progress throughout the campaign and make adjustments as needed. Use analytics tools to measure your results and identify areas for improvement. And don't forget to thank your influencers for their hard work and support.


Influencer marketing on LinkedIn is a powerful way to reach your target audience and build credibility within your industry. By partnering with influencers, you can tap into a wider audience and increase your brand's visibility. Use the tips in this article to find and partner with the right influencers for your brand, and measure the success of your campaign to drive results for your business.


Did you know that 94% of marketers believe that influencer marketing on LinkedIn is effective? That's right, according to a survey conducted by Linqia, almost all marketers agree that partnering with influencers on LinkedIn can yield great results. So, if you're looking to boost your brand's visibility and credibility on the platform, consider collaborating with an influencer who aligns with your values and goals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into this powerful marketing strategy!

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do influencers use LinkedIn?

Influencers are taking over LinkedIn and using it to their advantage. They understand that LinkedIn is a powerful platform to connect with their audience and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Influencers use LinkedIn to share their insights, knowledge, and experiences through articles, posts, and videos. They also engage with their followers by responding to comments and participating in discussions. LinkedIn is also a great platform for influencers to collaborate with other professionals and build their network. By leveraging their LinkedIn presence, influencers can increase their visibility, credibility, and ultimately, their influence. So, if you want to be a successful influencer, make sure to use LinkedIn to your advantage!

2. How many followers is considered an influencer on LinkedIn?

If you're looking to collaborate with influencers on LinkedIn, you might be wondering how many followers they need to have to be considered influential. While there's no set number, most experts agree that an influencer on LinkedIn should have at least 10,000 followers. However, it's not just about the number of followers - engagement and influence are also important factors. An influencer should have a highly engaged audience that interacts with their content regularly. They should also have a strong reputation in their industry and be seen as a thought leader. Keep in mind that the definition of an influencer can vary depending on your industry and goals. So, when searching for influencers to work with, focus on finding those who align with your brand values and have a genuine connection with their audience.

3. Is it worth being a LinkedIn influencer?

If you're looking to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, being a LinkedIn influencer can certainly be worth it. Not only does it give you a platform to share your insights and expertise with a wider audience, but it can also help you build your personal brand and network. As an influencer, you'll have access to exclusive tools and features that can help you reach more people and engage with your followers. Plus, you'll be part of a select group of professionals who are recognized for their contributions to the platform. Of course, becoming an influencer takes time and effort, but if you're committed to creating valuable content and engaging with your audience, the rewards can be significant. So, if you're ready to take your LinkedIn presence to the next level, consider applying to become an influencer and see where it takes you!